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black screen after returning from standby/hibernate

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  • black screen after returning from standby/hibernate

    im running an m10000 and a lilliput 619

    so ya i set centrafuse to standby or hibernate when the ignition is off (my m2 will shut it down after 2 hours)

    but it always goes to a black screen

    would that just be a cF bug? i didnt find it in the section

    edit: k i tried it again, and well now (both standby and hibernate) itll go into it, then when i try and turn it back on, itll shut down...

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    Setting CF to hibernation is in reference to the 'exit' button on CF's home screen. It will NOT HIBERNATE YOUR COMPUTER automatically.

    You have to have your M2 hooked up to trigger the power header on your motherboard, and set windows to hibernate through the power control settings.


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      ummm, ya my m2 is connected to the motherboards on off switch, and the other header on the m2 is connected to the power switch on my case

      if i set hibernation/standby on the desktop, it changes the setting in cf

      whats the difference between hibernation and standby ?

      i really wanna figure this out, because if im working on my computer, or my car, i have to back the car up, move it on ramps and stuff, im turning the comp on and off within like 3 min, and i do that quite a bit

      also it works fine if im not running cf