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Problems with Epia M10000 and TV out

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  • Problems with Epia M10000 and TV out


    I bought myself a VIA Epia M10000 motherboard, a 120 Gb hdd, dvd player and a 300w PSU with power inverter (12V - 230V). I just can't get the TV-out to work.

    I tought maybe the LCD is malfunctioning and tried pluging in an ordinary dvd player...and it worked. Than i tried pluging in the CRT monitor with my 7" LCD. It also didn't work...I only saw picture on the CRT...LCD was dead

    How do i set the tv-out to work? Are there any special settings? My lcd has an RCA to set it up to work?

    And also something else...would there be any difficulties for a m1atx 160W PSU to power a epia M10000, a 120GB hdd, a Samsung cd/dvd combo, and about 4 usb devices?

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    Oh, sorry for the doubled post...please delete.


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      and the m1-atx is only 90w, but shouldnt be a problem with 90w


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        Ok for the only 90W i could use m2 atx and i get 160W.

        and btw that search link says No matches found.

        It is exactly why i am asking about it, i didn't find it elsewhere


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          try these terms

          m10k tv out