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Headunit with Optical input?

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  • Headunit with Optical input?

    Does anyone know if there are any head units with Optical/TOSLINK inputs on the market? I checked around, and it seems that without a dolby reciever, I'm screwed, but I wanted to run it by you guys anyways.

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    Considering that most uses for TOS/Link happen to involve a Dolby AC-3 signal, I don't forsee any makers giving you that option.

    Truthfully, the only place I've seen any kind of amplifier with digital-in without surround sound is in professional sound recording gear.

    Are you doing this to try to avoid Alternator/ground loop noise? If that's the case, run your TOS/Link near your head unit and go out to somewhere like Guitar Center and buy a mini-D/AC to go from TOS/Link to Analog. Keep in mind that you'll only be able to decode PCM optical-digital.


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      thanks CrazyLittle. I've got my eyes on a USB to Analog sound device, it also included the TOSLINK connection, but it seems that is not meant to be so I will just use the shortest length of analog cable I can to a normal aux input.

      Thanks for the input!


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        If you have the $$$$$$$$$ ALPINE has a trunk mounted / headunit controled EQ/x-over/delay/sound processor that has TOSLINK and analog inputs, I think it's the PRA-900
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          I think Eclipse has one too...It's big $$$ like the Alpine (sorry, don't remember the name or model number off the top of my head)


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            The Sony CDX-C910 and C90 both have toslink inputs. Also, I run a Sony XES-P1 and it has multiple toslink inputs/outputs.

            Your best/cheapest bet though is to run a Sony HU with DSP support and pickup a Sony XDP-210EQ off of ebay. They go for as little as $75 and give you a heck of an EQ as well as Toslink inputs.

            I just sold my Xitel DG2 on ebay which is the USB->toslink soundcard. I'm running the Sony XA-300 now that is USB->unilink connector and it works pretty well.

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              Actually I have a 210EQ and the optical input wont work by its self, I think it gets a signal from the HU or Changer telling the 210EQ there is a source with optical output. I am using the Alpine 3900 external DAC (it was part of the old digital MAX stuff).


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                I know this post is dead but I would like to add a couple of automotive head units with optical output and input for people doing quick Google searches.

                JVC AVX-720 toslink out PCM stereo only
                JVC AVX-820 toslink out PCM stereo only
                Eclipse JDM CDT versions example cdt-400 have a digital coaxial input and output
                I believe the Rockford 8240 and 8250 denon based units had digital coaxial inputs along with the Denon DCT models example Z1? I would have to double check that

                If you donít care about the head unit and just need a volume control then the Audison Bit One also has digital input and has countless tuning options. The DRC controller has a volume knob with 4 presets for tunes and basic control including sub volume.