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CD head unit remote amp turn-on - Can it be used to trigger standby?

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  • CD head unit remote amp turn-on - Can it be used to trigger standby?

    I'm still working out the logistics of my CarPC, but I've finally gotten the amp, speakers, and head unit installed, so I'm off to a start, and all I need now is the chassis to be obtained and some logistical questions to be answered.

    Ideally, I want the CarPC to be in standby unless a low-battery condition occurs, at which point I want it to be shut off completely.

    Reading up on the M1-ATX (and the Opus 120 that would be included if I decide to sell the M1-ATX and buy the Opus enclosure with PSU), it looks like they simulate a power button press when the engine goes off for a specified amount of time, so configuring windows to enter standby when power button is pressed looks like an easy way to get the first part accomplished.

    But if a low-battery condition occurs, do the PSUs listed above do a forced shutdown (hold power button for x seconds), or do they just do a single power button press, which would only toggle the standby state?

    If it's the latter, a workaround would be to have the carPC entire/exit standby based on the power state of the headunit. Then on/off states could be left to the power supply.

    The only problem with that solution is I don't know of any way to trigger standby based on the state of the head unit. The only method i could think of is to somehow link the computer to the amplifier remote turn-on lead, but I'm unsure of how I could get said lead to trigger a standby state.

    I imagine several people before me have had this setup in mind, and have figured it out, the only question is - What's my best option?

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    Well the Carnetix power unit can be jumpered to put the PC into standby when the ignition is swiched off. In this situation it will kill power to the PC completely if the battery voltage drops below 12.1

    I don't know but I imagine the Opus does the same.
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