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Usb radio with GPS?

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  • Usb radio with GPS?

    I want a hardware that I can control via roadrunner,

    Some thread in the newbie section said I could use a gps reciever to recieve fm-radio stations,,,, ?
    Iīm confused here, but I guess its about xm radio...

    I want a usb fm reciever with RDS function, does it exist yet or still project?

    No matter if I get a winTV, radioextreme or those fm mouses,..... if they have an antenna-in they will be connected to my carīs factory fitted antenna so I guess the reception will be equally good to each. Only a matter of build quality so the sound quality would differ a bit right?

    Someone said these were able to have a adapter to the small wire/antenna comming out from the stick and that way connect it to the car antenna, that way this little thing must be quite good or?
    Black SolarCell Portable Bluetooth Gps reciever for sale, Contact me!
    BMW E46 320 Touring project thread, making the perfect multimedia car ;)