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Good cheap webcam?

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  • Good cheap webcam?

    Has anyone used a cheapy webcam in their car with much luck? Im toying with the idea, and looking to not sink a ton of money into it. Im guessing the most important part is light sensitivity. Any opinions on what to get/avoid?

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    logitech quick cam express

    I am going to hook up two of them - is selling a refurb. Logitech Quick Cam Express USB for approx. $22.00.

    They're readily availible on Ebay as well - The same refurb. camera is up for Dutch auction (several) but I wouldn't go any higher than $18.00 on them - or else just order them from Amazon...

    They're cheap enough to experiment with - if it doesn't work, I was thinking of going with a CCD camera - if I could find one cheap enough to mess around with.

    Hope this helps!

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