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Micro Star Motherboard Problems with Power Switch/BIOS

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  • Micro Star Motherboard Problems with Power Switch/BIOS

    Okay so here's the deal... I had this Micro Star PIII MS-6156 BX7 (pulled out of a NEC computer) Lying around and after being annoyed not having a pc in my car for a few months now decided to try and use this good old unit...

    Heres the problem...(s)....

    First off I cannot for the life of me find a board jumper layout/pinout for the PIII motherboard. Everywhere i look i can find a PII/Celeron one but the PIII board is slightly different in one spot. It has its power and led connections with different pins in a different spot (I can see the orighinal design PII connections are there and labled just without the pins soldered in them...)

    Does anyone have....or know where i can find the manual or something on this board...

    Next, the power button has an additional position it can be hooked up which is what i have been using to test the board thus far...but for some odd reason, it can only turn on the unit. If i push it in windows, NOTHING happens however if i hold it it will hard off the system....

    This is waht leads to the BIOS portion of my issue. In the original AMIBIOS (v1.17) It wouldnt let me change the use of the power was a greyed out option stuck on standby mode ( doesnt even do that..) So i decided to try and flash the bios hoping it would give me the option to change it. I put an AWARD BIOS on it (v1.6) but to no avail. The computer boots up just the same and works just fine...just no option for the power button in it.

    The biggest problem is because of this, the M1-ATX is unable to boot/shut down the pc when the ACC line is effected

    It will not power up when ACC voltage is applied and there is no way M1-ATX or power button to shut the unit down without a hard off...

    So this all boils down to these questions:
    1. Can I install any BIOS software onto this Motherboard or does it have to be one that is designed for it? (and would this help with my problem)

    2. Does anyone have a jumper layout/pinout for this motherboard in case there is another set of pins i can try to use for my switch.

    3. Which jack on the M1-ATX should be connected to the power switch? (in the off chance I am using the wrong one....)

    4. Lastly, Is there another way i can start up/shut down my computer with the M1-ATX without a power switch on my motherboard. Maybe via the modem wake and/or the wake on lan.

    Just to add a few notes...I have tried using the reset switch and original switch pins with no avail...and there is NO option in the windows XP power management dialog (in control panel) to choose what my power switch can do. (ie, i cannot set my power switch to shut down/hibernate/standby etc..)

    Thanks even if you simply took the time to read all of this.....

    Brown 2010

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    Ahh im heading to bed now...after pouring over page after page about switches and booting and bios...**** my head hurts...

    hopefully someone might know something by the morning...good night yall....
    Brown 2010


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      It might be possible that they didn't work the 'softpower' stuff into that motherboard. It might be old enough that they didn't care yet.

      Other than the softpower, i'm not sure what you could do to have a 'single' power solution, i'm not of much help!


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        Thanks...i think ill look into the softpower more...i didnt really think of that...

        another question....could disabling (i know it sounds backwards...) the APM in the bios and then handle it purely with windows?
        Brown 2010