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Hooking into Lexus Mark Levinson System

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  • Hooking into Lexus Mark Levinson System

    Hi all,

    I've looked around to try to find this out on my own but couldn't find anything specific. What I'm wondering is if I build a CarPC and put in a 7.1 sound card, how difficult will it be to connect that to a 14 speaker/7.1 Mark Levinson audio system in a Lexus IS350?

    I don't own the car yet and am trying to figure out which car to go with and whether or not Mark Levinson would be a good option to go with if I don't want to add my own aftermarket speakers/subs.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Damn, that's a nice car. Well, the IS350 only accepts stereo (2 channel) aux-in. If you want to push the speakers directly, then you'll have to bypass the stock amp and manually wire the speakers to the sound card.
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      the dsp might use a regular spdif digital signal or it might be all proprietory, you'll basically have to dig deep and research as much as you can... you might be able to get something working.

      its probably easier to just use the stereo aux in and forget about 7.1 in your car. It will sound great.