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Need help - Soundcard onboard(no sound)

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  • Need help - Soundcard onboard(no sound)

    Hi all..,
    I have an interesting problem. I have install a computer and work well with normal power supply. The problem is onboard sound. When i connect the computer to M2-atx on vehicle... the computer start well and everything work well, but no sound. I'v checked the system and see no sound detected.. , so i disconnect it and try again with normal 220v power supply and the sound works well(detected). after while, i am going back to try again on the vehicle.. and the result.. no sound again? very confused ..
    before, i use intenal audigy 2 zs works well on vehicle , but not with onboard sound. BTW, i'm using gigabyte ATX motherboard all in one.

    hope someone can solve this problem or give any idea to solve it..

    Thank you verymuch...

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    Anyone can help??


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      I am not sure but here is a shot to start.
      What is the different between M1 and AC PSU (regardless of wattage).

      Does the M1 has all negative (-) power rails (-5V, -12V)? It's probably doesn't has one of the 2 or both that the board is required. I think 1 of the neg power rail is obsolete thus not on M1 PSU.
      Hook up the AC PSU and M1 to check them out with a meter.
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