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CarPC with a Compact Flash drive

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  • CarPC with a Compact Flash drive

    I’ve been planning to build a carPC for sometime now, and I finally have some free time to do that.

    I got all the hardware, already (Epia VIA M10000, 512Mb RAM, M1-ATX PSU etc) made a custom PC box, a custom face for the dash, and installed an in-dash touchscreen TFT.
    Everything is in place, but I'm stuck with the Windows installation!!!
    At the beginning i had an unbranded 1Gb 80x Compact flash memory, on a single CF to IDE adaptor. Win2k worked fine with it.
    But now I got a 2Gb 150x (supposedly) Compact Flash card, Adata branded, on a Dual CF to IDE adaptor.
    Windows installation is extremely sloooow! I only manage to install win2k on it, and it takes 10 mins to boot.
    WinXP or other Win2k/XP nLited versions won't install for some reason
    Any ideas? Are there any known issues for carPCs booting off Compact Flash?
    Any suggestions/ideas r welcome.
    Thank you

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    Search the forums. There are issues with a Windows installation on a CF drive, and they've all been addressed on these forums.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I run Windows 98SE from a flash disk-on-module drive (not compact flash). Windows is unzipped from 23Mb zip file to a ramdrive and booted from there. I get a 17 second boot from cold. Flash itself is not necessarily slow, must be something specific to the compact flash (although my media storage drive is an 8Gb seagate compact flash hard drive, and that's fairly quick too).
      Old Systems retired due to new car
      New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.