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Sony joystick remote - IR version

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  • Sony joystick remote - IR version

    Does anyone know if the IR version of the Sony joystick remote works with an IRMAN ? I have bought one of these babies, and can't get the IRMAN to detect it - does it run of a different IR protocol? (If so I am going to try to return it and get the Pioneer version, which I assume, from previous posts will work).

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    Re: Sony joystick remote - IR version

    funny your write this, I have the pioneer remote control (I love it!) but its is still very fussy with my homemade IRMan and the IR sensor I am using. I think the issue is the IR sensor works on 36-38KHz and from what I have read alot of Pioneer equipment is on 40Khz.

    I have found a local supplier of that sells about 6 different flavors/freqs of IR sensors, I am gonna get around to buying a few different ones and see if I can get a better working signal.

    On that note, does anyone know the IR freq of the Pioneer steering wheel remotes? or how I could find out for sure?
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      not sure but i have the small remote that came with my pioneer 4050 and it works perfectly with my irman(genuine) .
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        I have a genuine IRMan as well, collecting dust now I am using the homemade one (it was gonna be used on my home PC, but have never got round to it) I might give that a shot, and if it works try pulling apart the IRMan to get a part number and hopefully a freq....

        thanks for the idea Spud!
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          will these "homemade irman recivers" work with cobra?? if so do you guys have diagrams to links???
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            sure do.... just need access to a PIC chip programmer..

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              just thought i would follow my first post up - i got the sony joystick remote tested - works perfectly on sony head units, and the guys tester in the hifi shop - so i am stuck with it - howeve i did pick up a 2nd hand pioneer wheel remote which works like a dream - no mounting kit though - hence a dirt cheap price (15 greta british pounds of our realm) - but some velcro seems to have sorted it out - got it working, only to then snap the ir reciver off of the extension cable i had put it on - right at the base of the sensoer - so i am awaiting some new 'eyes'

              does anyone know how to check what frequency a remote is transmitting at? and if I can find out what it is sending at would it just be a matter of replacing the sensoer with one which detects the right frequency, or would i need to reprogram the pic in the unit?


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                you dont need to reprogram the PIC......

                if you find out a way to work out the freq, let me know!
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                  pioneer works on 38 the 1838 ir sensor is he best for pioneer systems


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                    yep - maestro is right the pioneer is working on 38 kHz, but the sony remote appears to be working on much shorter bursts, about 10 kHz.

                    I got our electronics tech here to hook up a photodiode to a scope and measure it for me. does anyone know if you can get an eye which will go this low - I will try and fire off an email to Vishay or something and see.