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  • Maxima Stock Head Unit Help

    Hey everyone. I have a 2003 nissan maxima with a bose cd changer/tape dekc. I want to put in a carputer and am stuck about how to integrate my audio without loosing the stock head unit. I was thinking hard wire fm modulation or getting an auxillar kit (if that is possible). Does anyone have any adivce for which one would be better or if the auxilliary input is possible on such a head unit?

    Thanks everyone, A.

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    3rd hit on google for 'Maxima Aux Input'


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      Umm.. before we start just to conclusions, you ought to read the original post again. buddah indicated he has a Bose unit. There are no RCA inputs on the Bose radio. Despite being an issue for years, I cannot understand why still fails to put a disclaimer about Gen5 Nissan Bose radio with in-dah changers. There is no RCA plug!

      You're options are to hack the radio (apparently there is a way to override the cassette desks input in parallel for input), or use an RF-modulator, or use a cassette adapter.


      PS - to your defense, Jahntassa, I do agree buddah should have researched a little more before posting.


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        I would assume there are no RCA inputs on ANY factory radio, unless they already have them. Isn't that the point of the interface?

        Both logjam and have this, and neither say anything about being BOSE or non-BOSE, just what buttons they have to have.

        There's this:
        And this:

        Your claim that 'there is no RCA plug' is the reason he wants an aux input, which is what these boxes are supposed to do. If you mean to say 'there's no way for this unit to support an RCA input', that's different, but that's not what you're saying.

        Obviously the OP needs to do his homework before he can come to any conclusions.


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          True there are not RCA inputs on the back of most factory HU. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I said that.

          But, my point was all these so called "aux" units claim they work on all Nissan radios... which they don't. These units work by plugging into the DIN plug for the external CD changer. But, starting in 2002 (maybe a year earlier), the Bose radio came equiped with an in-dash CD changers. As such, there is nothing to plug into on the back of the factory HU. The non-Bose units, however, still continue to have a trunk mount change... which in this case, these 'aux" units will indeed still work.


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            Thanks for the help! Thats what I was beginning to learn that the Bose cd changer doesnt allow for this aux system to work. Thanks so much for your help! I believe my options are FM mod or tape.


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              No problem, I can say I have had great results using an RF modulator. I have a old Alpine RF modulator. Works great!