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Question for BMW 3series owners

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  • Question for BMW 3series owners

    I have a 3series E46 coupe. For the past year ive had my xenarc in the dash and a dell laptop sitting in a docking station in the boot. I really need my boot space so Im now looking to buy a small pc to mount inside the existing chasis framework which holds the cd player,navigation system, tv tuner etc (all of which i dont have!) on the left hand side of the boot. Has anyone looked into this, I think this would be a handy place to mount the pc equipment, it looks secure and has a concealed airvent.

    Any pics or ideas would be appreciated.



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    thats where I have mine

    I cant really put the pics up cos i'd have to rip out the whole grey trim, basically i removed the trim and laid the Pc upright, on a wooden stand using the existing holes that held the metal bracket that holds the cd changer that hugs the pc (coated with felt on the inside) it's discreet and looks extremely extremely clean. but my case is rather big and I can't access a cd rom drive through that small cover- but i did run one cd rom to the glove compartment.

    One issue you gotta worry about there is ventilation. I cut a hole in the felt on 3 sides, and bent out a hole to mount a fan, when i remove the fan, the felt springs back to place sorta like a trapdoor.

    My advice, spend a bit of extra money and get a mac mini sized case- which will fit in the existing bracket and will hold a CD rom drive-

    I didn't want that though because I have a creative platinum card sound- cinergy card that needed 2 risers.

    Good luck


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      Oh yeah,

      Once it's there, hidden and all....

      any changes in wiring is a BIATCH.


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        thanks swordfishhunter,

        The mini mac idea sounds good. Although i was hopeing there was sumthing more industrial looking out there. A strong sturdy chasis which i could either rivet or weld brackets to, which would make it a perfect fit with the bracketry/holes already there. Would also mean that it could be easily removed.

        Why do you use the cinergy card? I was thinking about an external usb sound card or maybe a pci type but couldnt see the advantage. Is the sound better? Is it possible to connect the sound card to the amp optically?


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          Cinergy Card ? - Thats the fm / tv card. Cos I heard it was the best for FM pre HCDT or whatever, it works fine.
          My sound card is the x-fi plat- and oh yes the sound is a lot better. and there IS optical, although my amps dont have optical.

          Like i said about the brackets, i made my own out of wood to fit in the holes already there. although it's only supported on 2 sides of the bracket i find it creates a nice little swaying motion- i'd like to believe it has it's own little suspension.


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            pretty hum?


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              I thought my install looked ghetto.
              (you love zip-ties as much as I do)


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                Originally posted by ThE_KiLLeR

                pretty hum?
                I hope there is a fire extinguisher mounted just out of sight of the picture..
                2002 Twin Turbo ZO6
                2005 Hummer H2


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                  gosh, that looks nasty. tbh thats exactly what i want to keep away from! I have nightmares of coming back to my car someday and seeing it up in smoke! and im sure my insurance company wud be very quick to tell me to get lost.

                  Im hoping to get something in a sealed metal case, with solid mounting to the chasis bracketry and fuses everywhere!