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I Need Advice On Generic MP3 Players

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  • I Need Advice On Generic MP3 Players

    I have a two vehicles that I would like to be able to play my MP3 files in. One is a 1999 Toyota Corolla, and the other one I am not certain of. I believe that it's called a Suzuki Balino (not sure of the year).
    I am thinking that there must be a generic solution out there that someone like me can use in this car, as there is space to place a deck if need be.

    The features that I would like in this MP3 Players would be the ability to do the following:

    Find any song by name or partial name
    Play music from specific folders (for instance my "80's jams" folder)
    Fast forward and rewind, and search through specific folders
    Import all of the music that I have downloaded on my pc & laptops

    I can't think of anything else that I would need for this player to do. I know it's very minimal compared to what everybody else is trying to do, but that is all I would like to do for now.

    Bye, and thanks for the advice.

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    Here's a useful nugget of advice:
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