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carpc always on? Battery?

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  • carpc always on? Battery?


    First of all thank you all This site and forum gave me a lot of inspirations, and helped me solve a few problems.

    I just installed a pandora 915 (it looks neat ).

    I saw a few posts here of people leaving the pc on all the times in the car. I guess it goes in Standby mode. I'd like to ask, and I apologize if these are naive questions:

    1) Is it safe to leave it on in Standby mode?
    2) Where can I find a laptop-type battery and how I connect it to the PC so that it works as a laptop battery?
    3) I have a DC-DC regulator, which I didn't connect yet. It seems to me the PC doesn't really need it. Should I install it anyway?

    thanks for any help

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    1. it is, as long as you drive your cars like every 2 days or so. best thing to do is check how much current ur pc takes in standby, byt putting an ammeter in serial to the power line. that'll tell you the (milli)amps. then look at your amp hours of the battery and you'll know how long it will support it. bear in mind however, you can't run the battery down all the way as the car still needs power to go on. but you get the picture of how to measure/estimate etc.

    2. laptop batteries won't power a carpc, not without a load of mods anyway. each laptop has it's own battery type so you can't just use any old battery. laptops are designed to run on lower voltages than 12v sometimes.

    3. if ur sound and screen are ok, chances are you don't need it. I would connect it anyway just for ensuring a clean signal. but be weary as that can also run ur battery down depending on what type it is.

    a flat is not very nice, especially when ur in a hurry! but I guess you need to experience a few mishaps... hope u don't

    ps. this should be posted in the newbie section, or u'll get flamed. I'm in a good mood today
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      Read here:

      and here:

      Then come back with your questions if you didn't come to an answer by reading those threads.

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      Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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        Hi Sama,

        thanks for the clear answers, I'll do exactly as you suggested .

        Sorry for not putting this in the newbie section

        Thanks Red Gti for the links. I did go through a lot of those same you suggested, (probably I missed something). I read many people claiming to have their carpc always on, I was afraid of missing something trivial, so I asked directly.