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Biscuit PCs Opinions Please!

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  • Biscuit PCs Opinions Please!

    I'm currently looking at the Advantech Biscuit PC selection:

    Does anyone have any opinions on these 'mini-motherboards'. I'm looking at these as I already have a Sharp LQ10DS05 TFT Screen which has a 40-pin Hirose connector which is meant to be compatible directly with them. I figured that it was cheaper to buy a biscuit board rather than a controller and another portable solution.

    Some even have built in audio, network and compactflash. Plus, is it possible to use the PC/104 expansion for adding an ISA TV card? I thought I could use an adaptor like this - and a cheap card of ebay for full screen tv.

    Any suggestions or past experience would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

    Alex O'Donnell

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    I'm using a advantec 5820 for my setup and i have experience (due to my job) with several others. I can only recommend them.
    If you want to use an ISA adapter you have to make sure that the motherboard has an 16 bit PC/104 connector. (But I don't think that there are any boards with just 8 bit slots around anyway...)
    Also make sure that the LCD you want to connect is really supported by the board you want to buy. I've never connected a LCD directly to one of my systems, but I know that advantech sells special wiring kits for *every* type of LCD they sell.

    hope that helps

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