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Aopen Pandora MP915-B : Pentium M 400>533FSB pin mod might just work! [email protected] OC!

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  • Aopen Pandora MP915-B : Pentium M 400>533FSB pin mod might just work! [email protected] OC!

    Hello. I'm new to the forums and I've been doing some research.

    I'm planning to build a carputer for my 02 Mustang GT.

    I have succesfully pin modded my Asus Z70VA laptop's Pentium M 725 CPU from the stock 1.6ghz to 2.13ghz (400mhz to 533mhz FSB) since it uses the 915 chipset.

    This pin mod has been popular also with the Dell 6000, 9300, and XPS series laptops since those use the 915 chipset as well.

    The trick is 99.9% guaranteed to work with the Pentium M 725 CPU (1.6ghz, 2mb L2, 400mhz FSB, SL7EG) with NO increase in voltage, heat, or stability. As a matter of fact, I have been able to undervolt my CPU in addition to getting the clock from 1.6ghz to 2.13ghz in my Asus laptop!

    So, since the Aopen Pandora uses a 915 chipset, this might just work!

    Take a look here for some excellent guides:

    I dont know if anyone on these forums has tried this with the Pandora, but if not....I have a gut feeling that this will work.

    I'll be ordering the Pandora within the next few weeks, so I am willing to be a guinea pig.

    Thanks! and I appreciate all of the help you guys provide. Great site and community.

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    This would be great if it works, but there are so many people that are already having problems with this machine, and most problems seem to be with heat. The articles mentions it makes them heat up a little more, so I don't know if it can take it.

    I've been lucky and have had mine running flawlessly, and I will let you be the guinea pig like you said. if it works take some pics, and I'll look forward to doing mine also.

    Also do some accual benchmark before and after. Just because it says it's faster doesn't mean it will accually be.


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      Yeah, I've read about the heat issues and it seems like the faster Pentium M CPUs like the 1.86ghz and higher have been giving problems, but this may work if used with software such as SpeedFan and Notebook Hardware Control. We could limit the processor speed and try to undervolt them.

      There may be a little heat increase in the Pandora, as I have not used it yet and from what I've heard- the cooling solution is weak.

      Once I get the pandora, I will definitely be glad to show some benchmarks, temperature readings, etc... if this mod works.


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        For me, the heat thing seems to be fine. It runs at 47-51 and I hear the fan speed up as it gets close to 51. These little proessors are made to run hot, up to 100 so that's why I doubt all the problems are from heat.

        I might just have to step ahead of you and try it myself. I have a bad habit of jumping into things, but I'm really trying to stop myself this time.


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          I'm the same way lol with jumping into things, but I am 100% going to try this as soon as I get the Pandora within the next couple of weeks.

          You might as well wait since you already have your maching running.


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            I DID IT!!!!

            I used a 1.5 celeron and it's running 2.0 at 133*15.

            I'm running toast on it as of right now to check for stability. If it'll run for an hour or so then I'll have no problems from here on out.

            I had a 1.73 pentium mobile in it for the past few months and it kept dying from over heating. This seems to be doing the trick nicely. I'm rather amazed that this is even working and no one else has posted that they tried it.

            I'll post up a pic of the post screen, but I think I'll actually have to create a user account to do that instead of this guest account.

            Funny thing is that I'm the only one that uses this guest account. Cool.