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Need help with shorting out a 4 prong switch

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  • Need help with shorting out a 4 prong switch

    When my Redant screen turns on, I have to press a button to make it go to A/V mode. If I hold down the switch while powering on it will go right to the A/V mode. Could I solder a wire from one prong to another to short out the switch? How should I go about doing this? I dont know what prong does what. I dont have my camera handy right now but this is what the switch/button looks like:

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    I have to make some assumptions without seeing the back of the board, but, there should only be 2 contacts, the other prongs are to mount the switch.

    On the back side of the board you will see the traces...only two of the connectors will look like they are attached to anything (the circuit board traces.

    You could solder a couple of wires to those points, and connect them to a spst slide switch or toggle switch, so you can disable the always on mode.
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      My setup uses buttons kinda like that, but mine have 5 prongs.
      -|   |-
      -|   |-
      Kinda like that.....
      With those you short them out diagonally (top left-bottom right, and vice versa), with the top prong being unused. I'm guessing yours may be the same. M.A.V.I.C. System
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        I got a pic, and figured something out. First the pic: The blue dots are the prongs on the switch:

        What I found out was that when the circuit is closed (button is pressed) I can take my meter, put it on continuity test, and if I touch one of the leads to one of the top prongs and one lead to a bottom prong, there is continuity. So if I just solder a little jumper from one of the top prongs to one of the bottom prongs, will that just do the same thing as someone pressing the button? Or is this not a good idea? Thanks!


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          Absolutely, the extra set of prongs is redundant.

          Just connect your jumpers to a vertical pair of pads and you are I said, it might be nice to wire in a regular toggle or slide switch, in case you don't want the button mashed forever.

          Should only take 2 wires connected one to each blue pad on the left (the two left dots for example)

          Good luck.
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            Thank you! I will just make a jumper. I will never need that button as the only good it will do is let me use the Redant TV tuner, which I'll never buy. Thanks again!


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              Got it to work!

              Now when I power up the unit it goes straight to A/V mode!