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Using CD Changer Line In with MP3BOX

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  • Using CD Changer Line In with MP3BOX

    I've recently decided to put my MP3 box back into my car after a long break from computers. I used to operate my system using the "cd in" port on the front of my old standard head unit which was meant for portable CD players to be connected to by way of a 3.5mm jack.

    I now have a Sony MDX-580 Minidisc headunit which I picked up for buttons and am very pleased with. It has 1x RCA Stereo input for CD changer and 2x RCA Pre-Outs.

    I want to connect my MP3 box to my headunit, but need somehow to trick the headunit into thinking that a CD changer is present and to allow audio input from that source.

    Is there any way of doing this?

    I would very much like to do this, however if not I can simply use my Sony RCA - FM converter which came with a CD Changer, it converts an RCA source to a short range FM broadcast and can be mounted on the dash and allow the tuner to put tuned into on an unused frequency, but this method would to me be second best.

    Any suggestions greatfully received,


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    This might help you out:
    Guy Foster - author of FostRF

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