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HELP from anyone who has a audigy 2 nx!

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  • HELP from anyone who has a audigy 2 nx!

    Anyone who could help me with this problem would be greatly appreciated:
    I recently reinstalled windows on my car computer becuz it was getting blue screens and now as I'm reinstalling it I can't find my software for my audigy 2 nx usb sound card. I think i left it at college when i moved out in May. Windows set up the driver but now I have no way to set up how many speakers I want (7.1, its currently in 2) and i can't set individual volumes or equalizers or anything. I looked on the creative website and they only have updates for software but no d/ls for the actually software. So if any of you who have this could send me either an iso of the cd or the installation files for the software it would be greatly appreciated.