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Cases for standard ATX motherboard

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  • Cases for standard ATX motherboard

    I'm looking for a case that'll fit my Asus A7V333 motherboard. It's a full ATX motherboard with full features which I like. The spot I am trying to put the computer in is the spare tire well which is 6" wide but about 24"x24".

    So the problem is most cases are 8-9" wide. Cases that are any thinner generally are Micro-ATX. Are there any standard ATX cases that are skinny? It's like the vast majority are big chunky mid towers.

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    Maybe a "desktop" style case would be easier to find in 5" or shorter.

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      I think I found it!

      It support a full ATX motherboard but is only 5.5" thick! Perfecto!

      It has some unique features too like a front LCD temp/fan monitor, and it's only $50 on Here's the link on if anyone wants to buy it too: