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Help with a Prius.

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  • Help with a Prius.

    I've had nothing but disappointing conversations with people over at Prius forums. They seem like all they care about is their navigation systems. So I've turned to You guys seem to know a ton about electronics, but searching through here, all I see is someone has done the Mac Mini conversion. So I thought I would see if anyone out there has done anything that I'm looking for.

    The basics of what I want to do is get to watch videos on the stock display. I say videos and not DVDs, because I have a wealth of DivX formated TV shows on my harddrive that I would like to use. So I figured my solution would be to put in a small PC or Mac Mini.

    An alternative I've found is at the website, which now 'sells' what they call a Lockpick. The features of it I don't care about. But what it does give you is RCA jacks, via the CD changer input on the back of the current headunit. A great little device called a iLink, made my Valor LINK HERE, acts as basically a mini multimedia interface. It's listed for an iPod, but also includes a USB port, on which I was planning on plugging in a USB powered, 80GB harddrive, loaded full of music and my TV shows, and some DVDs.

    So my basic concern is attempting to find an auxiliary input adapter, that will give me both audio and video through RCA. Can anyone direct me towards one? I think it's something like this: but with video included.

    I have a 2006, Package 3 Prius. No DVD Navigation. Thank you.