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  • Will this work?

    To use to control if my mp3 box is on?

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      im curious and not much of a wiz with wiring and stuff like this was wondering how do you plan use this
      Case built and working
      Amptron 586 motherboard onboard snd/vid/lan (purchased)
      200mmx processor (already have)
      5g harddrive (already have)
      Two 4x40 lcds (future)


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        Essentially, a relay allows you to use a small current to switch a much more powerful circuit on and off.



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          The only thing that bothers me is that id dosent give me spec. about how many volts i need to turn over the switch. I asume it will just be 12 volts.

          I'm going to order it, or the one that is a pc board desighn and we'll see how it works


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            Your assumption is correct 12v dc is the require switching voltage. Don't for get a diode to prevent back emf.

            And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows?
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              Check here for Full specs


              They have a 6V part that pulls in @3.3V if you want to run it w/ 5V
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