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Two Sound Devices; 1 for output, 1 for input

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  • Two Sound Devices; 1 for output, 1 for input

    I recently bought this DAC from newegg:

    It sounds great but the problem is I need line in for my XM (which it doesn't have). So I'm trying to use my onboard sound for line in and the DAC for my line out. I messed with Sound and Audio Devices in control panel, but I didn't really get anywhere. I searched on here but only found people who wanted to output through two sound cards. I was thinking that I can make a virtual sound device that is a combination of my onboard sound and my DAC.

    1) Does anyone know how to get this to work?
    2) Does anyone know good virtual sound card software (that can mix two devices into one?

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    This is crazy! I've been searching everywhere and can't find a solution. I've tried this Virtual Audio Cable software, and it has an Audio Repeater application that I thought was going to work, but it didn't...

    Has anyone tried getting sound from one card and send it out another one? Seems like this would be much more common than what I'm seeing.


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      you cant do that because when dac is enable, on board doesnt work at all. It disables itself.