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  • External notebook hard drive help

    I need some help! I just received this external USB hard drive case and this 10GB IBM Travelstar hard drive that I ordered.
    I installed the hard drive into the case and plugged it into the USB port on my PC. It installs the drivers properly, but I can't see the drive in 'My Computer'. Realising that the drive was not partitioned, I installed the drive into my laptop, partionned it with FAT32 and formatted it. Put the drvie back into the external case but same result (can't see drive). Now I'm thinking it's probably a problem with the external case. To test this theory, I install an old 1GB laptop drive into the case - it works perfectly!
    So: I know the drive is fine (I was able to format it, plus copy files to and from it using my laptop). I know the external case works (worked fine with an old drive). It's not due to power draw, since the old 1GB drive draws 700mA and the new drive only draws 500mA. I'm really confused!
    Can anyone think of any reason why I can't get this thing working? I've e-mailed tech support at Compgeeks where I bought it, but they've left for the day. Also, I have a funny feeling they might hassle me returning the case and/or the drive since both work. I REALLY don't want to send either piece back since it would cost me more in shipping than it's worth (it was $39 in shipping via UPS when I ordered this stuff).

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    I had an older USB-> IDE drive thing that wouldn't work with drives over 8GB. I didn't know this, and it completely screwed up the filesystem on the drive

    also, windows thought the drive was 997GB


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      Take this for what it's worth, but I have an 8 gig laptop drive I will swap you for that 10 gig. Swap plus some cash.

      If your interested.
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        Thanks Arby, I was starting to suspect it might be something like that. Hopefully it will work if I spilt the drive into 2 partitions - I'll try this later and post my results.
        They have a newer (and more expensive) enclosure that they claims takes up to 30GB drives where I bought it, maybe I'll trade up.
        Tation: Thanks for the offer, but my plan was to use this drive for awhile then upgrade to a bigger one as my collection grows, so I do need to find a more permanent solution.


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          Originally posted by tation
          Take this for what it's worth, but I have an 8 gig laptop drive I will swap you for that 10 gig. Swap plus some cash.

          If your interested.
          I am interested in BUYING that drive off of you if you are interested. I have a p200, so thats the biggest drive I can get ( I think?). But anyways let me know.

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