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  • Power suplie

    is putting a power suplie out of its box and in the same ox as the mother board dangerous ?
    wont it have any magnetic effects ?
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    But handling the power supply is. The capacitors can give you quite a bit of shock. There's some things you need to do to make sure you don't shock the hell out of yoursef.


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      just be carfull when your moving it once you have it all out. It hurts quite abit when you get shocked, take my word for it.

      Also i recomend thaty you actually test it hooked upto a computer running off your inverter first. My first one worked fine inside but refuesed the inverter, lucky for me i have lots of old PSU's lying around.

      Most likley my prob was becasue of my cheap ($35) inverter, its 300 wats tho.