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hooking up a MAIN power switch? (key switch)

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  • hooking up a MAIN power switch? (key switch)

    anyone know where i can get one of these locally? (maybe autozone? i dont wanna pay the 7 bucks for shipping really)

    whats the difference btw?

    anyways, i wanna wire up a master switch so that if my car needs to be serviced or something, instead of disconnecting wires (i hate quick disconnects, there not quick at all imo) i can just turn the switch to the off, and itll cut off the power

    so do i just connect it between the battery wire? or would i do it between the 12v signal wire?


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    You don't say what's local. Do you have a McMaster Carr near you? They have a huge variety of key switches (you have to search their site ( as I can't directly link to a product category.


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      autozone, pep girl, kragen all have them. Hell, check wally world, I think I saw one there too.
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        Or find an old computer with a keyboard lock. Should be the same thing.

        Try RevFE
        The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.


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          alright ill check autozone, so how do i hook it up? through the battery wire or the signal wire?


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            Originally posted by Bboy_jon
            alright ill check autozone, so how do i hook it up? through the battery wire or the signal wire?
            You shouldn't run all the power needed through a switch this small. Run the signal through it or use the switch to energize a heavy duty relay.


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              so would the signal still keep the amp off and stuff?


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                you would use the key switch to cut power in the signal wire to the various components. if you have the same signal wire for your amp, computer, etc, then run the wire through the switch and you will be all set.


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                  well ya the amp and everything is all connected to the computer

                  man autozone nor walmart had the switch (autozone only had the big ignition switches)

                  i just got one of those racing switches


                  so i just input the switch between the signal wire?