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Which upgrade method? new Mobo or vid card?

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  • Which upgrade method? new Mobo or vid card?

    I currently have a m10000 with 512mb pc2700 ram running off a opus 90W power supply. My front end is roadrunner and everything works fine but just general operability is just not too fast. I can run GPS, mp3 fine and videos are fine too but i get the random lag or choppiness when the video is of high quality and definitely lag when i'm running the gps program in the background while watching a video. DVD's are a drag as well because i can't run them inside hte front end using mpc, i have to shut off the front end and make sure no programs are running in order to playback the dvd smoothly. I'm using windvd stand alone for dvd playback. I've tried out the rest of the codecs but this works the smoothest for me. For the rest of the formats i'm using ffdshow with mpc as recommended. that's for the background info.

    What i want is to run most of my items like dvd playback and videos without having to shut off most of my programs to get optimal performance. I'm wondering if I should upgrade the mobo to the 1.5ghz EN15000g and stick in 1gb of PC4200 ram and sellmy old m10000 or if possible buy a pci video card for round 50 bucks and stick it into the pci slot. I'm wondering if the video card upgrade will improve video playback enough so i can run everything all at once even if i'm just on a 1ghz processor or should i just go ahead and get the 1.5ghz mobo with the upgraded ram and ditch the video card. I'm also concerned with power as i'm running a whole bunch of items off the tiny psu already and hte video card might just be too much for it. Any feedback, thoughts? Note that i've already tried out most of the codecs and already tweaked the OS to remove the cpu/memory intensive tasks on winxp.

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    Well, the dvd playback will use the video card if you add it, as well as the rendering of the front-end. However the GPS uses pretty all the processor time (because you say in the background).

    So it is kind of a toss up. I would think that a new processor would help the most because it can be used for bothe video and general cpu usage, but a lot more costly. The video card is obviously much less, but wont be as effective. Also keep in mind that PCI video cards, really are not being made anymore, so you will be stuck with relatively old choices.
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      Does anybody know the equivalent of the onboard video card on the new VIA EPIA EN15000G mobo's? There are some pci boards on newegg like the fx5500 taht goes for around 70 bucks.


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        The EN15000G uses the same S3 unichrome graphics that every other EPIA board does...
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          the M10000 -MII12000 has Integrated VIA Unichrome AGP graphics with MPEG-2 Accelerator while the SP and EN boards uses the Integrated VIA UniChrome Pro AGP graphics with MPEG-2 accelerator. Any major differences?


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            Originally posted by wariow
            the M10000 -MII12000 has Integrated VIA Unichrome AGP graphics with MPEG-2 Accelerator while the SP and EN boards uses the Integrated VIA UniChrome Pro AGP graphics with MPEG-2 accelerator. Any major differences?
            the word "pro", duh
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              that's what i'm saying, PRO must be better, but by how much?


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                well i was in this dilema a few weeks ago. i went the graphics card route initally but something shorted out and fried my MB (epia 1200) due to my carlessness. So i went the way of a new motherboard. at that point.

                I went away with via chips and got a microATX board, AMD 2ghz proc and a gig of ram for the same price and vias new en1500. The nice part is the MB has a built in geforce graphics card so it seems a bit nocer. all im waiting for is the case to be built for me and then it will all go into the car but i of course tested everything out and the new cpu runs flawless and no choppyness at all.

                so my opinion? well at this point, id say if you have the room, go with a new MB. but i havent tested mine in my car yet so this is to be continued?.......
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                  well my case will only fit a mini-itx solution with a 90watt power supply which will not be enought for microatx mobo and amd proc. Has anybody else put in an external video card on a epia Mobo and gotten a big boost in video performance?


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                    yep i added a Nvidia card and it help out alot with the videos and now i can have video fullscreen on secondary monitor with no problem. With the epia it could not be done.