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Athalon Turion 64 X2 board?

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  • Athalon Turion 64 X2 board?

    this forum is very interesting for me since I am looking at the mobo part of the car computer hardware now. Thanks for the time you all have taken to provide this info. I will wait as long as I can before spending actual money since I am kind of a cheap bast**d. I would really like to find something based on the Turion 64 X2 such at the T-50 (or T-52) from the AMD camp to compare against. I am looking for a real price war between Intel and AMD. It should make it a more cost effective product for us. I guess we also have to look at comprable hardware based on the VIA product which is also a very good design. The performance issue is important and I think the Merom is a clear winner, but from a practical point of view hardware based on VIA, Intel, or AMD should be fine.
    I am having trouble finding a mini-itx board using the AMD Turion. The Turion has been out in retail for at least a few months and I find it on pricegrabber for a low of $275 I dont see anything on the Merom price yet but ill bet it will be a lot higher. The Aopen i945GTt mobo is a nice board based on Intel but at $280 from it seems a little pricey. The Aopen, Merom choice may cost something like $700 for a working core computer hardware (mobo, cpu, memory, power supply). My sense is the AMD choce may be $200 less for comprable hardware.
    As you can see, I am confused. I hope that I have the right forum for this post, if not I will use the newbie defense . Any advice and a pointer to an AMD compatable mini-itx mobo would be greatly appreciated. Also how much memory do you think I should buy, 512 meg or 1 gig ?

    jim (oldmadog)

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    I went ahead and split this post out into a new thread in hopes that it would get some more attention from other folks. Hopefully you can get some help!

    Good luck.
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      The reason your having a hard time finding mother boards for turion processors is because not many vendors have manufactured them.

      I found this site with a mini-itx turion board:

      I've also heard of Albatron making a turion mini-itx board but I can't find anywhere to get it as of yet This board uses the awesome nforce 4 chipset for probably the best vga video output of all mini-itx boards(in theory).
      here is the site:

      I don't know why more manufacturers don't make mini-itx boards for AMD . It's an obvious market that AMD is not in as far as the others (Intel and VIA).

      Let me know if you find any other boards out there for AMD, I'm also hunting.

      Also I wouldn't go for anything less then 512MB RAM, but it depends on your O.S. and applications. 1GB never hurt anything but your wallet.

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        Instead of Turion, how about Athlon socket AM2?
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          go with the socket AM2, as in the thread matrix posted, there are AM2's out there that are 35 watt TDP. This is a super low power chip. if you go AM2 route you should be able to build a complete system for $500 or so (if you can live with micro ATX, with mini-ITX look more like $600)

          it all depends on the chip you want to get, weather you can find a spot for a micro-ATX board, and the PSU wattage. The higher wattage psu means higher TDP CPU can be used (which is going to be cheaper), and if you can get micro-atx get that b/c its going to be alot cheaper then a mini-itx