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  • Delco HU Pinouts...

    I have a 1999 Grand AM, and I want to use my factory HU to put out the sound. I am aware of the alternatives, but I would like to keep my factory HU.

    Has anyone made this setup work? If so, I'd like details please.

    Someguy posted a link to on a post about interfacing a Delco headunit. If the owner of that site reads this post, your site is down and I can't read it. I'm kinda curious because that may have some type of answer on it.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    Don't have the answer yet, but if you come across this before me would you pass it along to me? 2001 GA with same problem
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      What you have to do is buy a remote tape player. Then mod the cable that connects it to the head unit. There was a site that showed the pin-out, but I haven't been able to find it. This is going to be my method in my 99' Sunfire.

      BTW: Search

      The pinouts are as follows

      1. Battery Out
      2. E & C Data
      3. Ground Out
      4. Audio Com In
      5. Left In
      6. Right In
      7. Voice + in
      8. Dimming Out
      9. R14 Out

      Anybody know what happened to

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        I'm having the same trouble with my '02 Camaro. Here's a thread we have going on Check it out <a href=" r=1">HERE</a>. The good info doesn't really start till the 2nd page.

        The Camaro uses a simmilar head unit as many other GM cars.