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hooking up laptop "newbie"

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  • hooking up laptop "newbie"

    This is the first timne i have attempted this so could any of yall give me a idea of how to hook up this laptop. First off i mainly want to use it to play dvds and mp3s as a secondary thing. I would like to have it so i can have my music playing and have the laptop switched to headphones and also have it so it will play through all the car speakers. the head unit im installling is a alpine 7845 that my father is giving me because he wants xp radio now. From that headunit i am going to run a cd changer from the ai-net port. other than the outputs to my amps i think there are no more spaces left. so how do i go about setting this up. i cant seem to find too much using search. let me know Major

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    All this is available using the search, and the various FAQs.....Or just manually page down and read the various "newbie" topics...
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