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RCA wires, colors?

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  • RCA wires, colors?

    I just installed a new receiver/cd player in my Saab but I noticed that there is a large black(blue band) wire that runs from the stocked receiver to an amp under the passenger side. I hooked up everything else and it all works fine but I don't know how to hook up that blue cable which goes to an amp and then to the rear speakers. I'm assuming its the pre-amp out and my new receiver has two of them but they are RCA cables(red/white) and they wont connect to the big blue one. I spliced open the blue cable coming from the amp that was and there are four different color wires in there, could I possible just purchase an RCA cable and splice that into the blue cable I already cut open coming from the app? Would this work??

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    the blue wire is most likely the amp turn on wire. hook it up to either the power attennae wire on your new HU or look on it to find the amp turn on hook up
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      That probably is an RCA cable. When you cut it open, you say there were 4 wires. Was it 2 very small wires with an insulation around each one and 2 larger bare ground wires? If so, thats an RCA wire. You can go to RadioShack and buy some RCA male plugs and connect those.


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        I had an old BOSE OEM system that used balanced connections between the head unit and amp, that could also be your 4 wires.
        You need an Oscope to realy check this though
        Also check with PIE they hav all sorts of interface adapters
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