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DESPERATE! I need an adapter for slim slot loading drive from imac!

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  • DESPERATE! I need an adapter for slim slot loading drive from imac!

    I've tried MANY different adapters to try and get this thing to work! They are all upside down, or came out to be for the wrong drive, whatever..

    Now I am very desperate. The final stages of my car computer are at hand, and I'm about to install.

    The upside-down adapter I got to take the slim-slot-load JAE interface straight to USB has died... and I need something that will WORK!

    Model Number of drive:

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    Are you using a PC? That is meant for a iMac. Don't know if it can still be used in a PC though
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      never doubt the power of a computer geek

      yeah it works, some other users in here use the same thing... this was many years ago before there were any cost-effective solutions for us and slim slot loaders.. But it turned out to be much more of a hassle than anything.

      I went ahead and ordered a higher-quality slim optical drive -> USB adapter off fleabay. Hopefully this one will last longer/work better! I'll still have to end up duct taping it to the drive or something since it'll still hang off the side

      Here's an example of what's going on. It looks like this guy is using the same drive as me in his project:
      the third picture down, you can see the drive mounted into the lid of the box.


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        look at post 3 in this thread. That should give you all the info you need.
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