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  • Audigy 4 or better

    My carputer has been installed in my car for a little over three weeks now. The sound quality is very good, i am using a Audigy 2 zs card right now, but i still would like something a little better. My question is how many people on the mp3car forums use the audigy 4 sound card or something of even better quality like the X-Fi fataly in their cars and what do you think of these cards. The reason why i ask is because the audigy 4 can be had for like 170 $ and i am wondering if all the extra features like the low latency ASIO 2.0 support is worth it.

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    From my research I have found that going optical is your best bet for sound quality. If my memory serves me right, your Audigy 2 has optical(toslink) out. It all really comes down to your current configuration and your willingness spend some more time and money. If you utilize your toslink out you will need to get a DSP similar to one of these to convert your signal back to analog....and much much more

    Alpine PXA-H701

    There are cheaper/easier methods such as using a simple Optical-->Analog throughput converter but you will not even come close to the fidelity achieved by the setup I have described above although you would still be better of then the mini jack-->RCA setup you are using now.

    The ideal sound quality setup to my knowledge is as follows:

    Motherboard W/ Toslink out
    --->DSP W/Toslink In/Out
    --->Amps W/Toslink In

    Good luck,

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