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  • hissing sound

    When the computer is on there is this static type hissing sound. It only happens after windows has booted up (windows ME). I've grounded everything and all my connections are fine. I thought it might be the fm modulator but when i connect a cd player where the computer goes the sound is not there. i've tried changing the sound levels on the computer with no luck. also when i mute the wave in sound controls, the sound is still there. my sound card is a pci512 from creative. any suggestions?

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    Check to see that the inputs (mic and aux-in) on the soundcard are muted. This would explain why the hiss does not appear until Windows is booted as this is when the sound card is initialized.


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      the sound is still there even after i mute everything. even when i mute the wave the sound is still there.


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        I had the same problem. I bought a "Ground Loop Isolator" from Radio Shack for $15 and now its perfect!
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