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  • ATX Power On

    How do you all power your ATX motherboards automagically everytime?

    I have no "Startup automatically after power loss", shorting pins 13/14 or permanently shorting the "Power On" cable only creates a reboot loop. I ran phone cable from my dash where the buttons are to the Power On jumper on the mobo, and it couldn't get a signal. I may need a battery in there to boost the signal. I'm out of ideas and couldn't turn up anything in a search. Any ideas?
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    Re: ATX Power On

    hrm... extending the wires worked for me..... and I cant see why it would not work for you.... unless the wire you used had a REALLY high resistance.....

    I dont need it anymore since I have the 'after power loss' option in my BIOS......
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      A small timer circuit and a small relay can be used to "bump" the power switch after power on. Check some of the datasheets or application books for the 555 timer.
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        I had used 4 wire phone cable which must have had higher resistance than I thought. I switched to stranded speaker cable and now it works perfectly.
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          good for you! always run a bunch more cables than you need!

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