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  • Inductors...

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to wind the Inductors (chokes?) used in DC-DC PSU's like Sproggy's?? I could buy them, but I am intending to doubble up on a lot of the sections (ie to get twice the power) so it could get a bit expensive. Also, it is something that I can make so now I just want to know how to! Also, if I connect two systems (ie 2 * 5v reg) together am I going to have them competing with one another to supply the power (as suggested elsewhere for normal reg circuits)?
    Cheers in advance,

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    Well, they aren't hard to wind. Just make sure to wind neatly and don't criss-cross windings...

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      Here is how I wound an inductor for my -12v supply...i went to home depot and paid like a buck for a nylon bolt a nylon spacer, a nylon washer, and a nylon nut. I put all that together and then I had a perfect form to wind inductors on. I got on the internet and found a little Java program that would let you input the value you needed and the diameter and width...then it would tell you how many turns....I dont remember the URL just do a search.