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    SOrry for being sorta scattered and long... too much for a 1st post I know

    First and foremost... I've been lurking on/off here for a few years. Perhaps from the sites conception? I thought I was a member, perhaps regg'd years ago...I remember the site looking totally different - more cheesy. Either way, I've had a carputer before... approx 4 years ago. It was basically my desktop, and i put it in the car with a 15" touchscreen monitor. Was great! I liked having the mp3's and dvd's right there.... and playing UT2k3 (it had just came out after the carputer was in there for a couple months) was awesome

    Learned alot from that, and from that I can list off what I'd like to do with the next setup:

    Gotta have internet this time! My current phone is with nextel... I remember reading something about getting a boost phone and using it for cheap 'net access?

    Gotta have dvd drive in dash! Need to be able to play dvd's. Pondering a seperate home dvd player with hdmi output to go straight to the monitor... worth it?

    don't need a touchscreen... i found myself using the keyboard/mouse/remote much more than the touchscreen... no reason to incur that expense this time... especially since 15/17" LCD's are so cheap now!

    Im torn between gaming PC, or PC that does what it needs to do + a console. I want multiplayer games... as I'd like to hit shows/meets etc and be able to play games with friends... but I've always preferred PC games personally, and already have a geforce 7600 GT vid card. Is there a way to do multiplayer controller, or even keyboard/mouse games on a PC?

    Stuff I already have and would like to use:

    GPS MS streets and trips... worth it to run the streetdeck software? I haven't read in-depth into it yet.

    geforce 7600GT pci express card - plays all current games lag free

    m-audio audiophile delta blah blah somethign or other sound card from my previous carputer (sounded pretty sweet!). I'd like to do a surround sound setup... but i know the m-audio card can't do that . Iknow the on-board sound from a couple years back couldn't hold a candle to it... but what about today's "regular" cards?

    2 80 gig hd's from previos carputer

    500 or 600 watt power inverter, also have a smaller one (usedone for puter, one for monitor when the one wasnt enough for both)

    I have a 500 watt PSU in the old puter, but that may be outdated?

    I also have the old touchscreen, which I should probably just throw FS on here.

    A TV card... but its really a POS, ATI TV wonder, horrid software!

    One thing I hated about the last carputer was turning on the amps with a switch, and having the PC control the volume. I'm a fan of having a knob to control the volume . What has been developed to solve these problems?

    I'd say from the point I'm at now, all I "need" is a 15/17" LCD, touchpad, some sort of compact keyboard, a newer remote control setup, USB cd/dvd drive/burner, possibly power supply, mobo/cpu... and some sort of internet setup. The auto on/off things on this site look pretty awesome, I think i'd definitely grab one of those... although honestly I never had an issue before with 2 big batts... and now with 4... it would be nice to have that option. Are those things defeatable?

    Space isn't a concern, the rear seat area will house 4 batteries (already on hand) and the pc... along with whatever gadgets will need to be back there. The rear seat is coming out, ofcourse, and the whole area will be covered in some sort of panel setup. Of course, heat and noise ARE a concern, but I can deal with either, as the "panel" setup will seal up, and the compartment where the pc is stored will be vented outside the car (something I should have done with the last setup... o my did it get hot in that trunk! xp1600+ ran SMOKIN HOT!)

    Future thoughts... 32" LCD "flipdown" setup @ the B pillar (there is nifty cieling brace there) with some sort of "seating" system in the hatch area. It'll be a bench seat sort of thing, and will have to fold down/out... i'll figure that out later

    The whole interior will be reupolstered with... something ... and im thinking racing seats, or something along those lines.

    I really want this to be a full fledged show car with stuff that nobody else has - something to throw into the DUB show and have a shot , any suggestions on what equipment I should/shouldn't use?

    The time/skill required to make this happen don't scare me, btw

    This is going in an 85 chevy blazer: