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External PCI or AGP?

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  • External PCI or AGP?

    By external I mean that the pci or agp slot is external possibly connecting with firewire, or pcmcia.

    I'm wondering if anything exists like this?

    I've searched the forums, but I may have missed something that wasn't apparent. Also I've done several google searches, and all I get is questions, but no answers.

    I figured that the people here know more about hardware development than most.

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    I really don't think so. I've come across some strange devices, but never seen anything like that. I just think there's so much going on at such a low level that it would not be possible to duplicate. Like some of the problems with usb to serial.

    What do you need it for?

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      I'm just tired of MCE giving the video compatibility warning everytime I open it, even though once you say OK, MCE works perfectly...I was looking for a way to add external VGA output that was MCE compatible.


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        What hardware are you running? Does it not have an AGP / PCI slot already?


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          Its a laptop, and I actualy just found a program that allows you to disable the directX detection, which is what prompts the compatibility error message, allowing boot into mce without clicking on it.

          The plugin is called MCE Customizer 2.3 beta, and its available from