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Can you guys take a look at this mobo for me?

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  • Can you guys take a look at this mobo for me?

    I tried searching for it but only saw two posts referencing (one being the FAQ but it doesn't have any opinions on it). I saw somewhere that this may be a relabelled "jetway" and some people seemed to have some mixed feelings on those. I'm just looking for a decent mobo to work with my m2-atx in a carpc application. Any reason I *shouldn't* go with this one?

    Thanks for your time!


    Embedded VIA C7 Processor with 21 mm NanoBGA2 Technology
    The new VIA C7™ processor is the smallest, lowest power, most efficient and most secure native x86 processor in the world. Built on the advanced VIA CoolStream™ architecture, the 'Esther’ core of the VIA C7 processor is designed to extend the digital lifestyle by combining robust performance with ultra low power consumption and highly efficient heat dissipation.
    VIA CN700 Digital Media Chipset and VT8237RP Southbridge Chipset
    The first chipset to support the new VIA C7™ processor family, the VIA CN700 is fully optimized to provide an outstanding HD digital media experience. Featuring the all new high bandwidth V4 bus as well as support for DDR2 memory modules, the VIA CN700 delivers a highly advanced solution for developers interested in designing a wide range of powerful embedded and desktop devices. When combined with solutions such as the market-leading VIA VT8237R South Bridge and a broad array of VIA companion chips, the VIA CN700 provides a comprehensive range of storage, multimedia and connectivity features, including native Serial ATA with RAID functions, 6-channel Audio, 10 / 100 Ethernet, and USB2.0.
    MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Decoding Acceleration
    Enhanced digital media performance is ensured with support for SSE2 and SSE3 multimedia instructions and a full-speed Floating Point Unit (FPU), while all VIA C-Series mobile chipsets integrate hardware MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding acceleration for flawless digital video playback and streaming, Voice over IP telephony and video conferencing, and much more.
    VIA Padlock Security Engine
    In addition to the world's best random number generator (RNG) and AES Encryption Engine in the previous processor generation, the VIA PadLock Security Engine in the VIA C7 processor adds SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing for secure message digests, and a hardware based Montgomery Multiplier supporting key sizes up to 32K in length to accelerate public key cryptography, such as RSA™. The VIA C7 also provides NX Execute Protection, providing protection from malicious software such as worms and viruses, and is used in Microsoft® Windows® XP with SP2. Integrating security directly onto the processor die ensures speeds and efficiency many times that available in software, yet with negligible impact on processor performance.
    Targets at High Growth Markets: Digital Home / Digital Office / Digital World
    Personal electronics such as personal video recorders (PVR), set top boxes, home theatres,
    digital audio Centers, Mini PCs, Green clients, Quiet desktop PCs, High density servers,
    home server appliances, Public information and entertainment kiosks, Point-of-Sales systems,
    Intelligent displays.


    - Manufacturer P/N: J7F2WE-1G5D-OC-LF
    - VIA C7 1.5Ghz Processor (25W CPU Power Consumption)
    - VIA CN700 + 8237RP
    - Front Side Bus: 400MHz
    - Graphic Interface: integrated 128bit 2D/3D VIA S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro Processor
    - 1 x 240-pin DDR2 Module Sockets Support Max 1GB
    - Audio: Onboard 6-Channel CODEC Compliant to AC 97'
    - On Board 1394a Port
    - Onboard I/O: 8xUSB 2.0 Ports
    - Serial ATA: 2 SATA connectors
    - TV-out (PAL / NTSC): VIA VT1622A TV encoder
    - Expansion Slot: 1xPCI Slot (PCI 2.2)
    - VT6103 10/100 Ethernet
    - Optional add-on boards
    - Dimensions : 170x170mm
    - RoHS compliant

    VIA C7 1.5GHz Processor (25W CPU Power Consumption)
    VIA CN700 North Bridge
    VIA VT8237RP South Bridge
    Expansion Slot
    Support 1 x PCI Slot (PCI 2.2)
    On Board 1394a Port (for 627FE/627FWE)
    Compliant with 1394a OHCI specification Version 1.0
    Compliant with IEEE 1394a-2000 standard, support 400Mbit/s
    System Memory
    1 x 240-pin DDR2 Module Sockets Support Max 1GB, 1.9V DDR2 400MHz SDRAM
    Support 8/16/32 /64MB frame buffer
    Magic Settings
    Support CPU Front Side Bus step by step setting in BIOS SETUP
    16/32/64MB frame buffer using system memory
    internal AGP 8X performance
    128bit 2D/3D VIA S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro Processor
    24bit true-color RAMDAC up to 250MHZ pixel
    UltraDMA 133
    2 X UltraDMA 133 IDE Interface (Up to 4 IDE Devices & 133MB/s transfer rate)
    ATAPI IDE CD-ROM, CD-R,CD-RW and LS-120 Support
    Onboard LAN
    IEEE 802.3 10/100 BASE T Standard
    Boot On LAN function
    Onboard Audio
    Software Audio Controller with Onboard 6-Channel CODEC Compliant to AC 97'
    Support 3D Surround & Positioning, Full Duplex
    Serial ATA
    Support 2 Serial ATA Port provides 150MB/s (Max.) Data transfer rate
    Support RAID0, RAID1 function
    VIA VT 1622A TV encoder
    Support NTSC/PAL TV system S-Video/AV Output
    PC'99 Colorful I/O Ports
    8xUSB 2.0 Ports, 1xParallel Port, 1xVGA Port, 2xSerial Ports(1xheader,1xConn.)
    1xPS/2 Keyboard Port, 1xPS/2 Mouse Port, 1xFloppy Port
    Line-in/out/MIC Audio Ports
    Optional add-on boards
    PCMCIA /CF reader, 1 x LAN port, 3 x LAN ports, 2 x serial COM ports
    Form Factor
    17 cm x 17 cm

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    This is the motherboard i am running and i have to say, paired with a 1gb stick of DDR533 its fast runs very smooth.

    The only speedbump in my system is my 4200rpm hard drive, but if i upgraded to a faster 7200 one, im sure this motherboard would fly.

    Besides, you cant beat the price on it for the features it has.

    By the way, its NOT a relabeled Jetway, it IS a Jetway. Just for some reason i couldnt find anything on the box, and had to actually go to their website directly to verify it.

    Oh yea, and you can overclock it in the BIOS up to 33% faster that stock 1.5ghz setting.


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      You don't have any issues with resuming from sleep or hibernation do you?


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        Actually, im not using sleep or hibernation. I have my M2-ATX set to jumper A for the 5 second pulse / 45 second poweroff.

        When i had it in the house on the testbench, i had the option to go to sleep mode, but since i moved it into the car, it just turned power management off in the BIOS since i didnt need it.

        BTW, is probably one of the most reliable sellers on eBay right now, and his prices are even cheaper there than on his website directly.

        Id say go for the board if your impressed by the specs. It claims to be "Vista" compatible, but i cant verify that for a few more months.

        Only thing i would suggest if you do get it thou, when i got mine, i like to take things apart, and when i took the heatsink off the main processor, there was just a GOB of thermal paste inside this foam square pad thing. Ive never seen anything like it before, but it must work ok. Im just running it like that for now and get low 100's under full load for CPU temp, but im thinking of cleaning all that paste off and using a nice thin layer of ceramique and attach the heatsink directly to the processor without that foam pad thing to see if it cools the chip down any better.


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          ok cool, thanks for your help! I'm gonna give it a whirl. Time to order up some memory and a hd =)


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            Make sure you get PC4200 not PC4300 DDR-2, and obviously, dont skimp on the hd and get a full 7200 rpms. Youll be glad you went with the faster drive. I also got myself a copper heatsink for the memory, but even that seems to run cool under load, so foe me the extra 10 bucks or so was worth having it, but probably not necessary.


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              I've owned the same mobo for a couple months now... Only worry is cpu runs pretty warm. I've never had any lockups or hiccups though. There is a 12w 1.5ghz version that doesn't run as warm. Boy I love the 8 onboard USB and add on PCMCIA expansion card w/ flash slot!!! Go Jetway!!!
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                Originally posted by GFridrich3 View Post
                Oh yea, and you can overclock it in the BIOS up to 33% faster that stock 1.5ghz setting.
                So you can overclock it to 2.0Ghz??


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                  Originally posted by AcuraTLFan View Post
                  So you can overclock it to 2.0Ghz??
                  Well, when you multiply 132mhz (core) X 15 (multiplier), you do get 1980mhz or 1.94Ghz if you do the math exactly, but yea, basically you can get pretty close to 2Ghz with overclocking.

                  The stock setting is 100mhz (core) X 15 (multiplier) which gives you 1500mhz or an actual 1.47Ghz.

                  You are given the option to clock between 100 and 132 in the BIOS.

                  I have not tested to guarantee anything, but the option is there in the BIOS, and i have no clue what kind of heat it would produce either running it at full capacity. At 1.5 (default), everything ive run in the car so far has been just fine, its not like im trying to play counterstrike or doom3 in the car anyways.


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                    Thanks for the info GF. I was also wondering if you can boot from a CF card off the PCMCIA/CF module? I doesn't say in the manual


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                      go here its the same person and he gives deal board goes for 169


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                        Originally posted by tn6478 View Post
                        go here its the same person and he gives deal board goes for 169
                        They are both the same price... mitxpc is registered in fremont,ca and short-circuit is registered in san fran,ca. I don't konw if they are the same person are not

                        On ebay, one seller is "321short-circuit" and the other is "Mitxpc"


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                          Originally posted by AcuraTLFan View Post
                          They are both the same price... mitxpc is registered in fremont,ca and short-circuit is registered in san fran,ca. I don't konw if they are the same person are not

                          On ebay, one seller is "321short-circuit" and the other is "Mitxpc"
                          Trust me they the same. I deal with the guy all the time.


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                            Im not sure if you can boot from CF since i dont have the CF daughterboard, but from the settings in the BIOS, i see no reason why you wouldnt be able to. I can boot from my USB DVD-RW if i want to, so as long as its a bootable device, it should work just fine. If anything else, you could just get a USB CF card reader and set the BIOS to boot from that. I have one hooked up right now, but its just for transporting data back and forth until i get wireless setup in the house to connect to my workgroup.


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                              I am trying to decide between one of these and the Via SP1300.
                              Which would be the better choice?