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  • Processors

    What is a good price for a pent/celeron M for a MB896 Socket 479 PentiumŪ M Mini-ITX Motherboard with IntelŪ 915GM Chipset?

    I was checking online retailers and prices range from 150-300 pending spec. But i get on ebay and see $15-50....

    Am i just being a complete n00b or is ebay that much better?

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      Packaging Not original packaging
      Condition Excellent (Used - Item looks Excellent)
      Functionality Item works great
      Warranty DOA - 15 days
      ebay is used not original packaging its a risk you take
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        I've never had a processor go bad... what kinda risk is actually associated with buying used processors? I mean it's not like used underware is it?

        Also the board works with Both pent/celer... will a duo core work in there?


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          I bought my Celeron M 360 a few months ago for $10 + $4 shipping on Ebay. I chose this processor due to it's 27W power envelope. I would like to go lower, but this was definitely a great value. It is not new, but I could care less since I'm using spare PC parts to build my CarPC.

          Compared to $160 for a boxed processor at the time, I can't complain about taking the risk :-)


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            so basically as long as the processor isn't fried... it should work like new? I mean the internals don't "ware"......

            Also does anyone know if the duo has the same pin pattern/compat. with said board?


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              Processors are not mechanical devices, so at least you don't have to worry about that part ;-)

              However, unless the processor has endured lots of thermal damage then there's no reason to worry. Just try to find the best deals out there unless it is absolutely important to purchase a new product.

              Do not attempt to use a Core Solo/Duo processor with a Centrino board. There are already mini-ITX boards that support Solo/Duo processors.