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Winter is coming (Canada). Has anyone actually had problem with condensation?

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  • Winter is coming (Canada). Has anyone actually had problem with condensation?

    I just have my carputer setup, and I have some concerns for the winter time. I know it is a little early to be worrying, but I was wondering if anyone actually has broken a carputer due to condensation. Doing, a search, I found some products such as Parylene, which I am guessing is a spray that you apply to circuit boards to protect from condensation. The winters up in Canada get down to -40 celsius, so I am a bit worried. My main concern is my two hard drives, which I am guessing will most likely fail/not boot in these conditions. Am I right? I have actually built a hard drive heater, which I plan on using to warm up my drives before I turn on the computer, but I am guessing this solution will be a condensation magnet. I would just like to ask everyone who faces cold winters, have you actually had a problem in such low temperatures (other than hard drive not booting)? Also, what precautions have you taken? I should probably get some sort of a coating for my circuit boards before winter comes right? Can I apply these coatings by myself with a paintbrush or something? If so, could you guys please recommend a place I can buy these products (somewhere that ships to Canada)?

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    No heating them up should not cause condensation.

    Condensation is caused by cold not heat. The relative humidity is relative because warm air holds more molecules of water than cold air. Thus as you cool air it condenses and you get rain, fog, snow frost etc... Anyway so heating your harddrives should be fine unless they are covered in frost and you heat them it melts and condenses on the motherboard or something.

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