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x3 dash pics (no pc just pics of dash with stuff taken out)

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  • x3 dash pics (no pc just pics of dash with stuff taken out)

    these are just some images of the worst possible dash to put a screen into.

    i dont think anyone here has a finished x3 car comp so just wanted to post some pics

    im lookign to put a 7in screen and a Headunit but its not looking possible at the moment

    there is liek a bar that goes across the middle that seems to me is like connect to the entire front dashboard so look like some chopping is in order

    back of the radio

    back of air controls

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    Looks like your gonna have tons of fun figuring that one out


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      why would it be hard to figure out?

      if your going to mold the screen in.. then just make it come out an inch or 2, wouldnt be that hard at all


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        yeah - it all depends on how far you want to go w/it... if you want to mold the screen in and spend tons of time and money (on materials) doing that, then good luck and may god be with you.

        you can easily create a small mount for the screen which allows it to attach itself to the vents or to an area around the vents. that way, you dont have to tear up that beautiful dash, it's easily hideable when you park it, etc...
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            i was thinking about how to install the screen before and though mabye i didnt need to cut that piece i nthe middle off.

            Its a perfect spot to secure the screen to and if i move the screen out and a little down it will help with some galre issues that i might have.

            as of now i dont have a screen to test with but i was thinking of getting one to mess aroudn with (im stillt in pre-preplanning stages not sure if carpc is even happening yet)


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              do it in the location of like the nissan titan's. leave everything in place


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                  if you mean like an install up near liek this ( i really want to avoid that.

                  not comfortable to use touchscreen IMO and it look liek the titan has a lot of room up there compared to my little space which is like 2in deep. also the air vents are right under nto even liek 1/2in to spare so i would prolly end hitting those

                  the x3's do however come with a navigation system that does go up there and flips up

                  thx for the idea but i really want to put it in the middle i also want to get a HU to control sound and there isnt enough room for HU + air control + 7in so i might jsut drop the HU all together and move the air controls down the a lower compartment that u cant see too well form these pics

                  ill figure it out when the time comes (might jsut have to get a nuvi)

                  ps (my bad about the curse old habits die hard)


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                    This might be a long shot but...

                    Have you tried BMW? They may do an alternative facsia, relocating some of the units into different places.

                    I have a BMW E46 and I was pleasantly surprised to learn they do for my model!!!

                    I would recommend going into a dealer, parts department. They have a computer which shows diagrams of the vehicles, and what parts are available. They can highlight the dashboard and show you what you can have.

                    Hope that helps.