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  • Could it be done?

    Sad but I don't have the money for all them nice things like a touch screen. So this is what I thought of. I have a Palm PC with MP3 capability... Is there a way to hook that up to my car without using them lame cassett tape plugs? I already found a way to hook up a SCSI hard drive to my Handheld. If I can just hook it up to my car and solve the power problem, I'll be happy.

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    Your best bet would be to get a head unit w/ aux inputs, but if you can't afford that, then look for a FM modulator. The sound quality isn't the best (better than a tape adapter though), and it hooks up between your antenna and head unit, then broadcasts the audio signal to an FM station. M.A.V.I.C. System
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      how is this...

      Purchse a MP3 connector from here which will give me RCA out capability

      Then, get a RCA input device from here:

      so this will hook me up directly to my cd changer pins on my head unit.

      I dunno... would it work? If it works, it'll only cost me 50 bucks without sacrifising quality....

      Tell me what you think.


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        The RCAinput idea is good. There's a guy at that did that with the stock New Beetle stereo. That's the route I'm going to take. He used an Archos MP3 Jukebox.

        Why in hell's name would you spend $24 on that MP3 connector though? unless you NEED the headphone jack available, buy one at Radio Shack for a couple bucks.

        Just my 0.02107euros
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