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    Another thread for another topic

    My Ford Escort died in January and now I'll be driving another Escort wagon into which I'll be installing my system. I have a pair of 6" speakers and a pair of 6x9". They're too large to swap with the factory speakers and so holes must be cut in the car. Now when I put them in my previous car, I merely used a hacksaw to cut jagged holes into the areas where the factory speakers were located (in the front doors and over the rear wheels), then set the speakers in the holes and used wood screws to attach them to the remaining plastic. But I have a feeling there is a better, more correct way to do this. Besides, I don't want to have jagged, gaping holes in my car again.


    What is the ideal speaker placement? Are the factory locations good places? Should the rear speakers be pointed straight up or angled slightly forward? What's the best way to cut precise holes in car interior? How does one properly mount a speaker? What is it mounted to, the chassis or the interior? Is it fine to use the car's factory speaker wire or should I run additional cable? Why or why not?

    Thanks everyone, I look forward to the responses!

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    Re: speaker installation

    so many questions, so little time...

    okay. I find the kick panels to be the best spkr placement, with the speakers of course pointed to the listener.... of course that is my opinion, you will get different ones from different ppl. But remember to concentrate on your 'front stage', 6X9's on the rear shelf doing all the work is crappy.... you want the vocals comming from the front.... also by building kick panels you avoid cutting into your car..... but loose a little foot/leg room depending on the car....

    to cut holes a jigsaw with metal cutting blade should do the job.... just go slow and dont cut into window wiper assemblies, etc, behind the panel you are cutting...!

    I always use my own spkr cable in place of the factory stuff...

    phew... world record time for typing that!
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      Okay, thanks!

      Now, by "pointed toward the listener" do you mean angled? WHat I did before was just put them in the kick panels flush with the panel, in effect, pointed at one another. Also, I don't think I can take my panels off, nor do I have a jigsaw. Would I be able to get away just cutting the plastic with a Dremil tool or something?

      Also, is 6" in the front and 6"x9" in the back a good idea? That's what I'm planning on. I don't have a lot of knowledge or money, but I do have two sets of good (I think) speakers. I'd like to maximize the perofrmance if I can. If it helps, the speakers are as follows:
      1 Pair JVC CS-HX6942 (6"x9")
      1 Pair JVC CS-HX632 (6")

      If it helps, here's a pic of the way I had my speakers installed before (minus the speakers, of course...)

      I just set the speakers in and screwed 'em down.

      Is there a better method of mounting? Are there better places to put them? What about getting a shaped cone device to angle the rear 6x9's forward more? Any other thoughts? Thanks!


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        What about installing the rear 6x9's in boxes instead of the wheel wells? Any thoughts on this? Where's the best place to put the rear speakers in a station wagon?


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          The front doesn't look too bad. In the back, can you remove the speaker grills? If so try and build a baffle to fit where the grill was. Hopefully there are some holes to screw the baffle into. Let me know if you have more ?'s. Also, the pics are the best way to show us what you are working with. If you can get more that would help.


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            What pictures would you like to see?

            Those pictures were out of my old car that died in January. My new car is the same one (Escort) but it's a 97 rather than a 92.

            As far as your suggestion, I don't know what a baffle is exactly, nor do I know how to go about building one (or two). Could you offer some suggestions? THanks!


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              i got this setup in my car, and i think that it sounds pretty ok. the frobt has pioneer 2-way 4" in standard locations the rear speakers are 3-way 6" and the sub is a 10" that goes deeeep
              My cars


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                Basically to build a baffle you get a piece of wood. 1/4" MDF would work best. If not plywood could work. Cut out a shape of wood to match the grill for the 6x9 and, if possible, fasten screws in the holes where the grill mounted. Let me know if this helps. As far as pictures, maybe some pics with the grill off or closer up.