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Relocating computer power button

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  • Relocating computer power button

    Okay, here's the deal. Using a laptop as the computer. Took it apart, found the button, used a multimeter and determined the following. THe button has 4 leads. When the button is up, each pair goes straight across while when it is pressed down, they switch. Please see the attached diagram. It is horrible, but it gets the job done.

    Now, I want to relocate the button so it's in my dash, so I can boot the computer when I want and turn it off when I want. I have this button from Radio Shack:

    Can I use this button to replace the one in the "schematic"? If so, how? If not, what kind of button do I need? THanks!

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        Nevermind. I tried something and now it works perfectly.


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          Relocating a computer power button

          I am looking to move the power button for my computer to my dash, I do not use the auto startup feature or shutdown feature becuse I don't use the computer all the time so I am just using an old switch from a computer to the MoBo for now but it won't mount in the dash correctly. I am wondering what type of switch I would use. I see many at radio shack. Anyone know what p/n would be a good one for me to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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            any switch with "normally open" and "momentary" listed in their description will be fine.

            this link shows some, but make sure they are not the normally closed (like the fourth one down) as they will not work properly. I cant filter it out.
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              Buy a cheap ATX PC case. Get a used one for $5 at a mom & pop computer shop. Maybe a garage sale.
              Scavenge the case for switches and LEDs.
              Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
              How about the Wiki?

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                i already now what kind of switch it has to be, however. how long do you think the wires to the switch can be and have enough current to still correctly function? i ask cause about 15-20 feet from front dash of my car to the trunk were carputer is.



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                  that should be just fine. Its a low power circuit, so no big deal.
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