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    I searched but really didn't find any decent ideas, so I will ask. even a Google search didn't amount to much. Or maybe I am expecting a too perfect solution.

    How is everybody hooking up to your car batteries?

    I have a Corvette, which is supposed to use Side terminal only batteries, because a metal frame piece runs about 1/8" above where the Positive terminal is on a Top terminal battery. But my Vette had a battery with Side and Top terminals, I left the plastic caps that came with the battery on there to keep it from shorting for the past three years.

    So I thought "what the hey I will connect Computer system to the top terminals and just insulate the metal cross piece. Well I didn't insulate well enough. After driving for about 25 miles, it worn off the insulation and the positive terminal shorted to the frame and blew the battery up. It got REAL hot and blew off the cell caps.

    So I got a new battery with Side terminals only, but the way the car's wiring mounts on doesn't leave much option for attaching up additional lines and I really don't want to start jacking with the car's wiring.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Sorry for the length.

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    I've used a longer bolt/stud that replaces the stock one in the OEM connector, it bolts down the factory connector then has short stud that lets you add on more connections.

    I can't remember where i got them
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      Just get a new battery terminal (or terminators) with additional outputs. Like this or this, they are commonly used for amps. M.A.V.I.C. System
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        Those adapters will let you hook a new cable to the top posts, and run your factory sidemounts to it. is what jboy was referring to, and is a lot easier way to go. It's like a factory sidemount terminal, but with a bolt sticking out that you can put ring terminals on. The RF ones I got at Best Buy actually have a threaded hole in the terminal, and a removable "bolt" with a big head that goes through the ring terminals into the replacement sidemount post. I'll see if I can get some pics...

        You can get generic ones for a couple bucks, or you can get the pretty namebrand ones for about $10 a piece. Like Mav said, anywhere that has car audio should have them...


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          Wow, recycling my own 2-1/2 year old post....

          But once again I am at the same problem.... Installing second car PC in the Vette and just can't get a decent (and electrically safe) connection to the side battery posts........

          Most of the links already supplied above are dead, Google got me know where (cause I suck at googling).

          Anybody have any suggestions on a GOOD way to connect up a 4 GA wire to the battery posts of a side post battery???????

          Thanks in advance.