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Relocating faceplate on an alpine deck

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  • Relocating faceplate on an alpine deck

    I've just recently purchased an alpine cde-9845 from ebay and I'm looking to relocate the faceplate. The main deck unit will sit in my glovebox and the faceplate will be added somewhere on my dash. Will most likely make a custom bezel for it where my car's ashtray is. Has anyone had any luck relocating this faceplate? From what I've read, it is very difficult to do with some of these alpine headunits, mine included. I plan on using two cat5 cable to do the extension. Also, the faceplate will only be about 2, 3 feet max from where the headunit will be. Here are a few pics of the headunit and the connectors:

    This is the headunit without the faceplate

    This is the connector on the back of the faceplate.

    TIA guys I really hope I can make this work.

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      I thought long and hard about doing this... found a couple posts

      Relocating headunit and extending faceplate somewhere else

      I new I would get frustrated and drop kick it before it would ever work.
      So I eventually I removed the ashtray from my 02 jetta and mounted the Alpine single din there. I'm very happy with the new location.

      If you want a pic let me know.


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        i would like to see this


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          yea too bad they dont break more often, cuz ideal would be to have a broken one and take the plugs. Thought about doing mine but heard it was hard as well, plus i really dont need to do it.
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