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Using a solder iron to make holes in plexi/lexan?

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  • Using a solder iron to make holes in plexi/lexan?

    I saw a couple messages on people using their solder iron to make holes for the ports in their plastic cases. How exactly is this done? I'd rather have the info before I attempt to vaporize plastic and set the whole damn thing on fire. Yeah I've heard you can use a dremel but they're expensive.

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    I've tried works but its very slow unless you have a high powered soldering iron...I have a 30W and it was taking me forever to get through my .25" thick acrylic. Also, walmart has dremels (actualy brand-name dremel tools) for $34 if you think that is too expensive
    Dremels work well too...I would never use one for precision cutting make fan holes, I use a 76mm hole attachment for my drill, and to cut the acrylic i'd use a saw.


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      Re: Using a solder iron to make holes in plexi/lexan?

      it shouldnt catch on fire, just have a well ventilated work area since the fumes will stink alot!!! also give your soldering iron tip a really good clean afterwards..... burnt plastic on a soldering iron wont do too good...
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        I tried it today and it just turned into a gooey mess . there's no way to cut straight lines without major hours of effort. oh well guess i'll have to just drill circles for the ports.


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          I'm creating now my plexi case and I'm using a 1 cm attachment for my drill and a dremel like attachment to correct later-on little mistakes. I first practiced cutting 3 holes for a lpt port in a spare piece of plexi just to make sure I'll do it right when it will be in the real box.

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