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12vlt on Cat 5

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  • 12vlt on Cat 5

    I recently installed my MP3 car. Just incase we'd ever need it, we ran a Cat5 cable to upgrade on later. Now looking at it, I think I might very well need a fan to cool off my LCD because it will be on top of the dash, in the hot Louisiana sun. Can I use Cat 5 to carry the 12vlts? OR is it too thin gauged? Can I use say, 2 wires for +12 and 2 for -12? Will that work out better? I just don't want to melt the only extra wire I have. I will try it out on some other CAT 5 before the installation, but I wanted to know what people thought.

    I'm still looking for a way to get a nice rounded dash top display. Hopefully I can take some pics later this week to give you guys a better idea. Right now, we're thinking about using a cut section from a 6" PVC pipe coupler. Any other ideas?

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    Re: 12vlt on Cat 5

    yeppo, 12V will run fine for that purpose...

    remember that it is the voltage AND the current that has to be considered..... for a brushless PC fan the current will be low at around 0.18A (approx, depends on fan type/size) so that will be fine....
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      How many Amps can a single wire in CAT5 Handle?

      Also, if I hooked the LEDs up to the other wires of the Cat5 and mounted the LEDs in the front, would they still be bright in the front? (It's about a 15 foot line.)


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        More than you will need Im running my lcd from 12vdc through a cat5, and its supposed to pull in the neighborhood of 750ma (.75a). I also accidentially short circuted the control box (attached to the computer via cat5) when it was hooked up to a 12vdc 3amp inverter, and ended up melting the keystone jacks before anything happened to the cat5. And the voltage loss over 15ft of cat5 is negligable, my LED's work fine.

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